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Build R Packages for WebAssembly

This package provides functions to help build R packages compiled for WebAssembly (Wasm), manage Wasm binary R package libraries and repositories, and prepare webR compatible filesystem images for static web hosting of data files and R packages.


Building binary R packages for Wasm requires cross-compiling packages containing C/C++/Fortran source code using a Wasm development toolchain. As such, the Emscripten C/C++ toolchain and a version of LLVM flang configured to output Wasm must be available in the environment for the rwasm package to function.

For convenience, webR GitHub repository provides a Docker container containing the full Wasm development environment required for building Wasm R packages.


The rwasm package is not yet on CRAN. You can install the development version from GitHub via:

# install.packages("pak")

Further information explaining how to set up the Wasm development environment and build R packages can be found in vignette("rwasm").